It has been four generations since the Children of Dongs’ exodus, cast out into the dangerous world, at the command of the Spirits of Valley of Five Hills.

Leading their fellow tribesman into newly found lands young heroes the like of Sang Woo, Hiro the Reborn, and the wily Wei Kim heed the wisdom of the remaining Elders and Charming Badger to lay the foundations of a new society, and ably assisted in such endeavours by their friends Arung and Ling.

Wistfully, allies such as the resolute and self sacrificing Makoto and the oft-erring B’ard.are no longer with them. Makoto being branded by the faceless shadow and losing the mark of the falling stars decided to stay in the Valley and secure the future of those who remain pure and untouched by broken oaths and foreign blood. Whatever the fate of their friend B’ard is also unbeknownst to them as he parted ways and left the valley along the great river to live with one of the foreign tries he had befriended in times past.

Over time the Children of Dong found a land of rolling hills near enough to the ocean to feel the salt breeze in the air.

Creatures of the realm of animals greeted them in many friendly manners, and the local spirits seemed receptive to a large group of humans making their homes in the hills and light forests of the area.

The intervening years were filled with much strife.

The Children found that enemies and monstrous beings were still abound even in these pleasant lands and found their numbers dwindle through violence and disease.

Still not all was ill in the world. They did eventually encounter peaceful people, those scraping a living from the land’s bounty, small families following the seasons and the animals. They took these people in, traded with others, learned the languages of far distant tribes and large villages, and grew as a new collective of people bound by the wisdom of spirits and of men, calling themselves the “Seppun”, after the title of the wisemen and wisewomen that once lead their people in the Valley of Five Hills.

There is a sense that a great change is about to come again. The Grand Conjunction will come to pass soon, when the Spirit Realms will close in on the mortal realm of Ningen-Do. Many dangers are presented by this and many possible boons.

As Stars' Fall, Does the World of Man Burn? : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

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