The Lady Seppun

Spiritual Leader and Former Tribal Chief


A woman in her 30’s with an unremarkable face, but with a great personal presence.

Seppun is always dressed in the Tribes official robes of office, carried down from the time of the Elders of Hidden Valley.

She is most remarkable in her resemblance to her grandmother the priestess Akio.


The Grand Daughter of the Priestess Akio the Reformer, herself the Daughter of Hiro the Reborn, Seppun (now only known by her title as the tribes Priestess) has always been a pillar of obedience and piety.

She was always skilled in the arts of speaking to the kami and the perfomance of magical acts, as well as managing the people of the Tribe of Seppun in their more mundane endeavours.

At a suprisingly young age she was elected as Tribal leader, as well as maintaining her role as Priestess Seppun. This did not bode well with all of the tribe and lead directly to many years of strife and violence as a result.

During these years of pain she has always acted in accordance to the laws of the world of man and the laws of the spirits but has never been able to end the cycle of violence her ascension has caused. She eventually relinquishes her role of Tribal Chief to her Husband in an attempt to heal the rift (though it was to no avail).

Her husband Akagi is a stalwart warrior of the tribe and they have several children; Hiro, Kim, Anzu, and Kichi.

She also fosters the son of the warring Tribe of Otomo, whom often threaten the tribe, and other nearby tribes of humans. With her ward some peace is brought to the lands, however this slight has never been forgotten.