A complicated man.


Stamina 2
Willpower 2
Strength 2
Perception 2
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Void 2

Athletics 2
Defense 2
Hunting 1
Kyujutsu 1
Stealth 2
Yarijutsu 3
Lore (history) 1
Investigation 1
Courtier 2
Sincerity 2
Games (Mancala) 1
Sleight of Hand 1 (Emphases – escape)
Temptation 1

Advantages: Ancestor; Wei Kim (2), Magic Resistance (6)
Disadvantages: Greedy (3)


Male, 5’3", 120lb. Long black hair, tied back. Dark brown eyes. Unshaven.

Father: Ryouta (deceased)
Mother: Akemi
Wife: Mariko (deceased)
Son: Naoki (deceased)

Taiki’s grandmother was one of those to come to the tribe bearing a token from Charming Badger. At 14 years old she was breathtaking and naive. She was quickly seduced by a charming older gentleman with a distinguished cough, and within a year she bore him a daughter, Akemi. Many years later Akemi would bring Taiki into the world.

Coming of age at a dangerous time in the tribe’s history, Taiki quickly fell into the company of older and rougher men. They taught him to fight, and drink, and gamble. He discovered women, and was soon betrothed to a captivating wisp of a girl, Mariko. They were happy together, and had a son, Naoki.

While Naoki was still a babe, sickness came to the tribe. Spreading like poison mist from hut to hut, dozens left dead in its wake. Taiki’s family was not spared. First his father Ryouta succumbed, and then his wife and son, and finally Taiki himself. None were more surprised then him, when his eyes fluttered back open to find the gaze of Seppun herself on his face. She said that the spirits had called here there, to his side, and worked through her to take the disease from his body. But when it was done, the spirits themselves seemed not to know what they were doing there. Their attention skipped over Taiki, like a stream parting around a stubborn rock.

Taiki had been saved, but had lost everything. He realized than that any day could be the last one, and all that you had was fleeting. If you truly wanted to possess something, there was no reason to let anything stand in the way of that. If you didn’t take it, somebody else would anyways.

When Old Noriaki rebelled and took up arms against the tribe, Taiki was very close to joining him. The man made a lot of sense, and many of Taiki’s friends were with him. In the end, he couldn’t get the image of Seppun’s eyes staring down at him out of his head. When the fighting started he was nowhere to be seen.