A desperate family man


Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 4
Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3
Air 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 4
Fire 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Void 3

Courtier (Manipulation) 3
Defense 3
Etiquette 2
Intimidation (Control) 2
Investigation 2
Sincerity 3
Hunting (Survival) 3
Spears 3
Temptation 1
Animal Handling 1
Lore (Distant Tribes) 2
Languages 1
Kenjitsu 3

Advantage: Luck
Disadvantage: Obligation


Male, Age 43. 5’6", 143lbs., Black hair, Brown eyes
Had a long beard, now shaved

Father: Kenji (Dead)
Mother: Aoi (Dead)
Wife: Masami (Dead)
Children: Shiro age 25
Siblings: Jirou age 47 married to Kazuko age 45
Nieces/Nephews: Miki age 30 married to Yang age 31, Jun-Sea (Dead)

Five years before the tragedy the Ramandi brought to the tribes a mud flood past through the Otomo lands. Many died during the flood including Yuujin’s wife, parents, and nephew. Yuujin toke action to save the remainder of his family but in doing so left other members of the tribe to die. Unbeknownst to him one of the tribe members saw him saving his child and leaving without saving her child and others, so she cursed him and his children causing their lungs to gradually fill with muddy water.

After the flood Yuujin sought help from the Ward Otomo and pledged himself in exchange for way to save his Shiro from the curse which ales him. During this time Jirou and his family left the Otomo lands and relocated to the Seppun lands.