As Stars' Fall, Does the World of Man Burn? : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

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It Watches, But Does It Judge
Eyes filled with rage......

Covet was found in a cave.

Troubles arise as Ishida, then Bang You disappear.

Mako and Taiki encounter a Kitsu.

The counsel of the Kitsu is seen as truthless.

Mako disappears.

Taiki murders the Kitsu despite it not fighting back.

Mako and the others reappear, seeing the Gore smeared Taiki.

No one knows where to head next.

A Task Set Anew
Speaking with the Fortune of Death

The path needed to be followed is found.

A map keyed to the blood of the curse is made.

Flying through the clouds to distant lands.

Blood upon the river, dead spirits and dead men.

He watches from afar.

Geography Beyond Description !
and how to draw it in three dimensions.........

Ogres………….men flying giant owl…………………beings whose cloaks are made from all the clouds in the sky………….and the Hidden Temple of Emma-O.

Is Make really Emma-O’s Emmissary ? or is something else going on……….

Only the Deepest Dreams Come from Stew
and how horses have seizures.......

Mako speaks with Bear via some magical elixir placed in his stew via Bang you.

The protagonists speak further to Granny concerning the happenings of Sang Woo and Hiro in the area before their deaths (and questions are raised as to the fact if they died in the manner and at the time the stories tell them to have).

Equipped with food and information the group travel into the mountains to seek out the Hidden Temple of Emma-O.

They encounter strange troves of food and supplies, marked by symbols Sang Woo once used.

They encounter a strange Vulture creature who claims to watch and protect the mountains for Emma-O.

They further encounter an ancient creature from the tales of Founder Dong, Sassy Snow Leopard. Who steals some of their freshly caught food.

As they near the peak that the Hidden Temple supposedly is located they encounter a vast monument of floating octohedrons emblazoned with ancient elemental symbols, floating in perfect unison above a worked floor inside a caldera. The caldera has also been worked with tools of some fashion to have either steps leading out, or concentric stone seats (akin to an amphitheatre).

They find a grave nearby, with a weather worn and partially mummified body leaning over it. a slab nearby marks the grave as that of the hero Ling and it’s inscription implies that the body atop it is that of the hero Arung.

Took the High Road, He Took the Low Road
And the reached the Inn of the Blue Tanuki before him.....

Exiting the forest !

Mako found !

Curiously squat and hirsute people run a large trading outpost.

Mako causes a faux pas……..again.

Strange things occur when tainted stew is eaten in the wilderness.

Everyone else has a good rest.

Secrets are revealed, and some others are kept.

An ogre attacks.

Bang You knows something.

The Temple of Emma-O’s location is now known.

Farther Into the Forest Than Ever Before
Kindly Kappa's Krunchy Kuttlefish

Conversations were held. Plans were made.

Ogres were encountered because of a spirit lapsing guardsmen.

A Kindly Kappa helps the protagonists.

Mako wanders aimlessly yet again.

From the Mouth of Madness
it was merely a dance......the time warp

Spirits of the Past, Trials of the Present
or is it merely a witch hunt..........



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