As Stars' Fall, Does the World of Man Burn? : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

A Man Lost and Out of TIme
Somewhat hardier and more resourceful than we ever thought...

A Sudden Twist
What One Finds Beneath a Gravestone

The Red Webs of Fate Tighten
Spirits Who Are Friendly, And Spirits Who Are Not

The Frost Dragons Festival
Unsettled souls, unhappy wives...


What One Leaves Behind in a Crystal Cavern
He won't bang you, that's just his name.....


Through a Door That is a Rock
The Sanctum Sanctorum of Sang Woo

More to come.

Waiting in the Realm of Waiting Souls
Interludes and Timeless Turns

(To be edited later)

“Quickly ! Wake up ! You are in danger my friend. He is searching for you.” The furry paw shakes your arm hurriedly.
A small furry face, black and white stares down at you. A perpetual grey surrounds the sky and land around you
“Don’t worry Mako, he hasn’t found you yet. He can feel your prescence though”
“you probably don’t know me” the badger says as he helps you up. His silken clothes grey and dusty, “You could say I am a old family friend. My name is Badger, Charming Badger”

“Charming badger? Wait you helped my great grandfather some time ago. What are you doing in meido?”

“Yes i did. We were fast friends back in the day.” He rambles off quickly as he notes you stating your great grandfather"…… Has it been THAT long ! Curse this timeless realm." Kicking the grey grass beneath his feet his stout little body sighs, “I was stuck here trying to help another friend of your honoured forefather. The details are unimportant, suffice it to say everyone else made it safely to where they needed to be.”
“Someone had to stay to keep the portal open, and then close it though….” A look of sadness creeps onto the badgers face.

“I’m sorry you had to do that friend but I thank you for it. So what’s the next step how do I get out of here? Usually I come back quickly but this feels stronger.”

“Yes, you are quite right. I have seen you here before. So has he…” Badger raises a paw to a glowing light on a far hill in the distance. Standing over the light is the large spiderlike man you’ve seen before. His glowing red eyes fill you with a dull pain. Each of his stiffly haired legs pulls upon red web like ribbons, dragging half tranlucent people into the glowing light. “You, young man, have escaped his graps more than a few times, and of course there is your great grandfathers history with him.”
“He wants to drag you through the portal. It is his only duty and task in this realm and he guards his duty jealously”
“Something traumatic must have happened to you. It’s hard to tell as in this realm you are always how you remember yourself to be”

feels his face, grasps his hair he looks and feels young

He grabs your hand with his paws and you feel a dull ache. “I must ask did Young Sang Woo successful ? Did he make it?”

“Yes, I believe he did. It took him many years and I think perhaps his sanity but he was successful.”

“Good. A task left unfinished is a terrible thing.” He walks you down the hill, holding your dully aching right hand. “Look over here,” stopping to point his furry little paw, “Darkness….. Darkness surrounds the portal to Ningen-Do. I feel something is happening in the mortal world, something tainted by evil.”

" I feel the same, I have come in contact with an evil necromancer who is doing terrible things."

" A Necromancer……" Badger seems shocked. He looks up into your eyes. His soft and watery red eyes. “Is his name Bai Bon Wei….?” The name softly rolls of his tongue, with an almost fearfully giddy utterance.

“It is” mako says with fear and confusion wondering how badger knows of this man

“Your bloodline, your family, all those of Dong. Too often has they touched and been touched by the Spirit Realms. Meido more often than some others. The destiny of your people has somehow become inextricably bound to Meido. Be this a future destiny yet to be fulfilled, or something from the past already commited to. Simply look at the ribbon, a web of your bloodlines fate to see for yourself.” He squeezes your painfully aching hand as he points to your ribbon. Red like flowing blood, sticky like a web, running towards the hulking Emma-O. The ribbon tapers off and connects to others in the grey and faceless steppes filled with waiting and wandering souls. And connects through the dark portal to Ningen-Do.
“If you could see this ribbon, this web in the mortal realm you’d find it connects to all your family, and to that dark necromancer himself….” Badger’s orange eyes well up with tears.

" is he an ancestor of dong too?"

“No, not an ancestor silly boy…..a descendant, like yourself.” Bagder chuckles in a almost sinister manner,“look to the name, think on your history. What is the same my boy ?”

“Wei ? As in Wei-Kim ?”

“The very same blood. The very same…..” Your conversation is interrupted by a thunderous roar from off in the distance. “MMMAAAKKKOOO, I CAN TASTE YOUR SOUL…………” Emma-O, he knows you are here ! “where are you BOY!” You can hear the thunderous boom of the last utterance in your painfully aching hand.
The red ribbon, the red web, tightens very slightly around you as if some great lob was walking on it towards it’s victim.

Mako startled panics and starts looking around hastily.“How do I leave.” Mako yells and tries to wake up.“you already took her from me isn’t that enough.” He whimpers as he closes his eyes.

ALL YOUR BLOODLINE MUST PAY FOR YOUR SLIGHT AGAINST ME !” The booming voice says. Badger grabs your hand and squeeze. The pain increases, “Hurry Boy ! We must run towards the portal, it is your only hope!”
You push past the spirits of the dead and rush towards the portal, the dark clouds hovering over it.

Mako runs with badger never looking behind him

As you reach the portal, you can feel Emma-O behind you, far enough away, but still present.

I jump through

Nothing happens……..
Thundering eight legged footsteps can be heard on the hilltop. Your web tightens. Your right hand begins to flicker, as if it is and is not there.

Mako keeps running looking for Badger.

Badger is still there. “No boy, don’t run. There is still time.” His hackles raised his fur stands on end like a frightened cat. “Open the portal boy. Use your magic !”

Mako turns around runs back to the portal and begins to attune himself with his surrounding, and then attempts to open the portal

It doesn’t seem to work. The pervading sense of doom in your heart, the loss of your wife, the threat of emma-o, the pain coming from your ghostly hand. You don’t think you can do it……. Badger looks at you with his stern amber eyes, “Your blood must be too weak…………your will not strong enough…….” Emma-O’s booming laugh fills the hills. Blood trickles down from your eyes, your tears are blood.
“Do you want to go home ?” Badger’s voice is calm and blocks out the rest of the sound as if you can only hear him.

“Yes” Mako says clearly.

“I can help you….but it will hurt, it may kill us both…..” His little claw like hands grab yours. Faceless spirits walk by you through where the portal is. Blood trickles down from your nose. “If we survive Emma-O will still hunt you. If we survive a price may need to be paid. If you open the portal and leave your mind will be affected by this soul magic and you’ll forget all of this for a time, until you cross a spiritual barrier again….”
“Do you want to do this….. To go home ?”

“Yes I do. Please help !”

He smiles and grabs your hands.
The winds die down, the thundering booming voice of Emma-O becomes distant. The spirits fly away. Badger chuckles and plunges his hands into your palms and starts to tear, swim almost his way into your body. His colouring changing eyes shimmering with glee.
If you could resist you would, but he has ridden your desire and fear to return home and pulled himself into your soul.
Your heart sinks and twists. You feel only anguish and pain, reliving the first moment you reflected upon the loss of your true love.
In your pain you claw out, gurgling a scream. Your pitiful motions claw open the portal and you fall through.

Everthing goes black.

Your right hand……..hurts.
Something is shaking your body. Small hands…..“Is he alive ?” The womans voice says.
“Yes m’lady. His hand is gone though….” The mans voice says, “and he is bleeding from the eyes, nose, and ears…. He must have receieved some head trauma….”
The voice is familiar, a friend from your village ?
He cleans the blood from your face, washes your red tears away. As he does so you feel as if a weight is lifted from your soul. Each bloodshed tear pulls away some dull ache. You feel……free.
But free from what ?
The man healing you smiles down, “You’ll be okay Mako ! Your in good hands at the temple.”
He lets out a chuckle, and a tear of blood rolls down his cheek.+

Storm Clouds Gather By The Red Morning Light
and some totally tubular tales !

- Met with Hye at the edge of the forest.

- Found the Ogres camp, the manacles, the magical foreign box, etc

- Killed the blubbering ogre, he seems to be afraid of the Big Man, Bai Bon Wei, bumped into Salutory Salamander as well.

- The storm clouds gather from the mountains of flow south, bringing a reddish storm to the Tribe of Seppun

- Calamity strikes as several homes are set aflame by lightning, all those who can hear the spirits call are struck down, and Pedantic Bear is seemingly injured by two lightning bolts.

- Lady Seppun loses her unborn child to this magical onslaught as well.

- Goju, nowhere to be found, is needed desperately for any knowledge he can provide. His house is amiss, many things are missing, it looks as if he has enacted a magical ritual.

- Outrageous Otter, still in a drunken stupor from late Summer, seems to have some really wild theories about a magic spirit cave Goju may be hiding in, but they need Dong Blood to open it.

- With Chief Akagi, Mako, Taiki, Ishida, and Otter head back into the woods

The Right to Bear Arms
and the Chuckle of the Horny Ogre

- Many weeks pass. Taiki has weapons made from his crystal and jade. Ishida trains with 2 blades. Mako rekindles the home fires and dwells upon the dark spirits he has faced.

- Goju needs to send Ishida on a mission in exchange for some services. this will occur two days after the winter solstice.

- Lady Seppun advises Mako to look within himself to find the spiritual tendrils of the great oracles. By doing this he may find the understanding he needs to reverse the dark energies in his body.

- Taiki beats the shit out of some townies every week.

- Returning from guard duty Taiki and Ishida see Mako walking in one of his dazes, right into the open arms of a bear, a bear powered by some form of spell.

- In the fight Mako scorches the bears dead and rotting flesh, but nearly fatally is mauled himself, he loses his right hand. Taiki and Ishida manage to slay the bear.

- Taking Mako to the healers, Taiki, Ishida, Chief Akagi and Lady Seppun, purify the bears remains and the three men set out to track the bear’s origins. which lie to the north and east.

- Tracking it for nearly 20 hours they come upon a group of ogres, one of them a sorcerer. Battle ensues, Chief Akagi is nearly killed, as is Ishida, Taiki calls upon the power in his cursed hand and in the scale of P’an Ku he has. Using it’s magical ability to take any shape and form he calls forth a ruby scaled Bisento and engages in battle, mercilessly killing one fleeing ogre after scareing the other away. Ishida manages to disembowel and kill the Ogre sorcerer, taking it’s obsidian blade as a prize.

Birds of a Feather
Hooves Upon the Wind

- Warning stone say danger

- walled work town beseiged by a feathery threat

- a furious air kami

- a brush with Meido and the will of Emma-O

- Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise and a herd to remember.

- Horses Ahoy !

- The Otomo try to steal the horses.

- Old friends found

- Return to the Lands of Seppun


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