As Stars' Fall, Does the World of Man Burn? : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

Interregnum Nights
Solitary Stories Told Under the Starlight

For Posterity. I will edit these into friendly reading fashion later.

Osamu’s Story

As you walk along the beach looking for the materials Satoshi seems to think “may be” strewn along the shore you find a strange looking outcropping of rock. It juts out at a weird angle into the sea, and the confluence of the soft tides swirl below it. The breeze is strong hear and all outlying influences seem to be quite far away. It seems a good place to center yourself and look within for clarity or the words to molify the at odds concerns of your fellows.

I’ll walk out to the very edge of the outcropping and sit down, letting the sound of the waves drown out all the other noise on the beach, as well as the noise in my head Your thoughts, now weightless and unburdened, fall away like the ever more distant sounds from the world around you. A growing sense of the presence of another fills your emptied mind and you bring your consciousness forward to find that you are now sitting on a rocky escarpment on the edge of some high above cliff. Sitting infront of you is your brother Shin. He comes to consciousness as you do. “Osamu….. I did not expect to see you in such a manner. I had thought these abilities were something you had yet to learn.” He smiles with genuine suprise and affection and continues, “it warms the heart that our kharmic link is strong enough that we can speak this way. My letter was by neccessity cryptic, but now i have the chance to say what i could not leave exposed on a scroll.” His smile fades,“I sense something is amiss, there is something about you that feels….off….what is wrong little brother ?” “Shin!! I was so worried about you!” “But…” Osamu’s eyes close shut tight for a second and than open again. “Something terrible has happened. And its my fault.” “You always seek to blame yourself for actions and results that are not entirely yours Little Crow. But i do sense something. Please tell me what you feel that you have done, these terrible things ?” “If it is within my knowledge and experience i wish to help you in this moment of crisis. I regret not being near you more often.” “There was a village – and these spider things took it over… Kumo, I think? We tried to help but they trapped us. Their leader was huge… you wouldn’t believe how big.” “Some creature from one of the Spirit Worlds i can safely assume ? Malevolent beasts ?” “One of my companions… friends, one of my friends – he bought our freedom and the village’s by giving the spiders other people. So many other people.” A tear runs down the side of Osamu’s face. “I should have stopped him.” Shin’s eyes focus towards you, in a discerning fashion. “A life bought for with the life of another can cause a great imbalance in the Chi of a person, it can damn them to a spiral of darkened kharma and despair.” “Though you should have stopped him, you didn’t.” “What were your thoughts at that moment. Fear obviously, but fear for yourself alone ?” “When i look at you i do not see a man who is guilty of only wanting to save himself. I see a man, a young man who was in fear of the great beast before him, in fear for his friends lives’ and those of the good people around him.” “I couldn’t think. I was stuck. Trapped in my mind. I failed them. Kuma most of all.” “Then you must accept this failure. Contemplate upon why you became “stuck” and how, in the future you may free yourself from such fear, and the borders of your on mind and soul." “I have to warn them, Shin!” “The most important lesson from failure is that it is not always in one’s own control, and that it may happen again. Knowing these two things can help you reflect upon it and to teach oneself the courage to face failure and meet it when it’s happens.” “Yes you must. And i have faith that you will.” Shin’s bald pate beads with sweat. “You are in a strange and unknown place yes ?” Osamu glances around like he had forgotten. “Oh, yeah. Some island that’s trapped between realms or something.” “The reality of your situation is far graver than you think Little Crow.” Shin’s left hand lowers to adjust his saffron robe and support his side. “Your dilemna, your crisis of moral certainty. It is not set my brother. Time…. You have time. A gift born from your unpleasant circumstances. One of three gifts that you possess that you can use to save your fellows and balm your gravely wounded conscience of the troubles you face….” Shin clutches his side, and his face is wrung in a spasm of momentary pain. It is only then that you notice the saffron of his robes is soaked with crimson blood, seeping over his fingers. He continues, with heavier breathing, “the island you are on. The place, it is not as it seems. It is fueled by the desires and fears of those who find themselves there. Be wary Little Crow.” “Shin!!” Osamu lurches toward his brother, eyes wide. “What happened to you?” “The two other gifts you possess…. You have failed, stalled, acted against your own best wishes….failure implies, it shows, that your fate is not bound to some unknown plan or dictate. You have control over your own actions, your own destiny. You can change the world.” He thrusts a hand out. “Do not try to touch or approach me !” “My body, it is done now. My fault, a choice i made. Trying to understand that which i knew was anathema to my life.” “Do not worry little brother. Your fate and your choices are in your own hands, your will can change that which you think is immutable. Nothing is written that is not written by a man’s own hand. And ink can always be washed away.” His eyes roll back and his face grow’s paler. He whispers. “The other gift…….is my love and respect for you……the good and moral man you have become………your true inner strength……rise beyond your fears……beyond pain……..wake…….up……….” “If that’s true that means I can save you, Shin. Just tell me what to do! Tell me…” He fades away, the wind whispers. “Your are still dreaming Little Crow” You are alone on the rocky out cropping on the beach. The azure waters reflecting the full moons light. The moon shimmers. It blinks.

Kuma’s Moment
The Protector walks over towards where you solemnly sit. “My frienth youth should speath to Theong (Seung/Song, however we spell it).” His fur along his neck and back ruffle slight as his inhuman ears dart different directions. “Movemenths of time are transi-th-ory in thith world and only the dreamths of Love and Connection truly matter. Your chanth to leavth will not passth without you.” He smiles and shifts form into that of a bat and flies towards a Palm tree near the shore where Satoshi no walks looking though the wreckage

Kuma nod solemnly and asks his companions to excuse him. “Thank you Protector, you show great wisdom in this matter.” He stands, leaving his weapon in the sand, and begins silently searching around for Seung. As you walk throughout the makeshift village that the survivors have built you have to take a moment of pride that those with little in the way of tools and materials have seemingly built such solid and resilient structures. This comes to the forefront of your mind as you walk up on the flattened wooden veranda planks outside of Seung’s home. They nary make a creak. However, Seung senses your approach and beckons you in with a smile that verges on tearfulness. “Kuma….. I’m sorry that you had to find me in such a state.” Drawing a deep breath she continues, “I must admit circumstances forced me to take a husband…..though it was sometime after i had to face the conclusion that either you were lost yourself trying to find me or never discovered my fate.” She places her hand on the pearl you gave her and passes it to your palm. “I always kept this. As a symbol of what it meant for you to give it to me, the spirit it was given. I feel….i know it kept me and your son safe during the early years on the island before the Protector found us.” Kuma closes his hand around the pearl and closes his eyes, focusing on the weight in his hand, “There is nothing to be sorry about. My son had his mother keeping him safe. The need to apologize falls on me. I should have found you sooner. These are my people, and I have failed them. I will try what I can to make this right” “You were always so tender in how you relate to those you care about Kuma. Your heart is to open and caring to allow such burden to be held alone on your shoulders.” She smiles and poors you a hot drink. “I’ve come to believe that our fate is not always the fault of our own actions. This place has made that clear in so many ways. It always felt like something, someone, caused this to unfold the way it did. Benevolent or Cruel i cannot say.” “It matters not now. Our time could be short depending on how things develop. I wish to tell you about the man that your son became, the father he became, always influenced by his kharma and by yours. You weren’t here in person but your heart and soul were strong enough to guide and counsel him through life. She shares with you many stories about your son. From the perspective of a parent, ever vigilant, ever watchful. What she taught him and how he conducted himself. Afterall it will be up to you to judge him as the man he is now, but it is vital to know how he became that man. Time seems to fade, and the stars wax and wane in brightness. Singing their heavenly songs. You take your leave on Seung and return to your sit by the fire. The castoffs, your Son, your family still sits there. Your spear still in place you reach for it, preparing to show it to your descendants and tell it’s tale. As you grasp it though, for a second you can feel the cold and icy rain water on it’s handle, the spear resists your command as if stuck in place. Your eyes meet your son’s, and the moment passes. You take your spear, your spirit lit by the kinship you feel to him and you take your place by the fire to speak with him. The pale eye of the moon still ascendant. The moon shudders for a second, almost like an eye blinking.

Hiro’s Moment
As you sit on the beach gathering some of the old and split wooden ship frames Satoshi noted may be useful a strong breeze rushes past behind you. For a second you feel the cold and slick sleet of a winter storm, but as you rearrange your stance you feel the late night heat of the desert isle. Your scarf flickers in the wind and you hear a soft and sibilant whisper coming from the rocks close to the shore. Words….

Looking towards the rocks by the shore do I see anyone there? As you scan the horizon the azure waters ripple in the sea beyond the rocks. Your eyes blur for a moment, caught by the cascading interplay of reflected moonlight or dark shadows. The only sights you see is the beautific vista and your scarf flickering in the warn breeze. But again you hear it, this time more clearly, “Hiro……….” The spirit of the place causes the hair at the back of your neck to stand on end. A shudden shudder rocks your body as you shake for a moment. It felt as if something, someone, moved through you. You turn to see if there is a trace of what just made this ethereal motion, but you see nothing. I look around for Satoshi. The breeze suddenly increases and your scarf is blown aflight. It flickers in the wind, twisting like the rhythmatic movements of the dragon the day before. The scarf seems to dance in the wind, slowly flying away. I’ll follow the scarf And call out the voices The bottoms of your now naked feet walk through the cool sand. You reach out for the errant silk ribbon twirling in the wind and fail in each attempt. Your wits at an end the thought of just letting the thing fly away crosses your mind. You call out. You hear the sound of your name on the wind yet again. And the scarf suddenly stops moving. It has caught upon something….. A body….. A person…… It’s form. His form is clear, atleast though the outline of the scarf. It has pulled up along the lithe mans chest and face, half a face anyways. The face you know better than any other. “Hiro. Why are you here ? Do you know the danger you face ?” He seems to pout for a second, before shaking his head in a familiar fashion. “Simple and lovely Hiro. You should flee.” “Maybe, everyone else wanted to come and now we are stuck here until other people want to leave” The scarf extends running down the slim mans arm. It reaches out to you, pointing ? What does it point to? “You are the master of your own choices. Bound by the will of others only when ‘You’ will it.” (Towards you, you think) “Do not hide behind the facade of incompetence you veil yourself in. Be the slave of your fate like my Mother and your Mother are or seize your destiny like the man you should be.” The half covered form moves towards you, and presses up against you. His lips press against yours through the silken scarf. You can only feel his form in the areas the scarf covers. “The others I came with want to explore this temple. But I’d like to leave. The only thing is that there are around 35 other people here who all want to leave. I don’t know how I could ask them to leave with me.” “Others…. Yes others.” You feel his hands begin to press against your body, and the silken scarf lowers…. “Why concern yourself with lesser men. The greatness your bear within yourself will show them the way, simply by you taking action. The temple has nothing for you. Your greatness cannot be enhanced or aided by it.” You can feel the silken scarf begin to….. Aggressively pull your clothing away. “I want to help you Hiro. Let me show you the path”. “OK” It grabs you tightly, there is a moment of pain. You wince and feel it’s touch, and cold sleet hit you on the face. The wet and icy rain runs over your cheeks and your arms and legs feel very weak. The sky is clear though. You look up and see the Moon against the stars. It’s Pale Eye staring at you. And it blinks….. Can I see the cliffs that we came from? Am I feeling like I was before Mamoko cast that spell on my to return my stats? You can still see the mountains in the distance. Yes, you are feeling weak. Is the scarf still on phantasm otomo? Yes He’s going down on you If anyone is watching it must look hilarious I am going to pull the scarf of my dick and ask how this is suppose to be helping As you pull the scarf away their is a momentary flash in your mind of the spider draining your essence. You feel suddenly weak. “AWAY ! Shoo ! You naugthy naugthy beasth” You hear the Protector call out as he fly’s towards you. “Hiro ! Are you alright ?” He asks, concerned. “Not really I feel weak like I felt before I got to the island.” He stares at you intently and morphs into the form of the hairy wildman. A long fingered furry hand reaches out and he helps you rise. “That ith to be expecthed. Thisth plaith ith not for your kind” “It ith my fault…. I shouldth have turned them away.” “Who?” “The trawvewwers from the other realms” “The other humans?” “Yeth, and no.” He looks nervous. “I musth go. I must…..see the Vedic…..Farewell Hiro of the Seppun.” He turns into a Bat and starts flapping, “Beware of hungry spirits, be wary of the desires that all men possess. The world is as malleable as the will of man, not all is set in stone, but not all results are as pleasant as the one that was given to you.” He fly’s away. Is the scarf still around ? If so I’ll put it and my clothes back on and get what I was getting and go back to where all the other people were
Islands in the Sea
A land lost in time...

Swimming Upwards Into a Locked Cloud
That Which Crawls With Eight Legs and Walks On Oceans

My Brother Swims In the River of Regret
Visiting Grandfathers and Dancing Statues

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The Value of an Arm, an Eye, and a Life

The Hidden Cost of Belief and Friendship
or "How To Prepare Blood Sacrifices In 10 Easy Ways"


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Freed from Shackles and Shackled Again

Interregnum and Interrogation
The Truth Behind Unspoken Oaths


Alive and Divided
Whispering Madmen and Horse Stealing Birds

The Man in the Wooden Mask
A bell was rung.



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