As Stars' Fall, Does the World of Man Burn? : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

The Trouble With Tricksters
When your daughter goes *Sphfffpp*


Deliveries and Discoveries
New Employment Opportunities Abound

In the distant river filled land of the Blue Tanuki Inn, a traveler from Seppun lands brings news and an item to be delivered to the Sensei of the Temple of Emma-O.

He travels with 2 young local men to the temple. Upon it’s trails they encounter a man and a large, and possibly spiritually imbued, owl who have crashed. They both shortly die but leave a cryptic message to be relayed and a box to be handed over to “him”.

After meeting with the Sensei the three men are quickly engaged to travel to the Otomo lands on a mission of intelligence gathering for The Ward Otomo. They travel via magical means, and find themselves in the company of a man who knows whom they are and cares fro them while there memories recover.

Jinn-Ke is the man’s name, and he is there local contact. He has business to attend but reveals to them that 2 people who carry the call of the spirits and use magic have been employed by the Lord Otomo and there is worry that they are using some corrupt form of magic to force the spirits to do their bidding. Also it is revealed that Sang Woo has been sighted in the area. Despite the fact he has been dead for more than 30 years.

A man obligated to Ward Otomo forges weapons on the west side of Otomo Hill, he is tasked to aid them, but it is quickly found that he is in even more desperate need of aid. The Otomo Tribe has been mass forging weapons for some foreign party and he is hard pressed to finish the terribly large amount of work by himself.

After pressing through the night, the discovery of a small vine overed shrine near his home in the woods, and traveling to Otomo Keep, the group of young men meet with a wily customs man, and then one of the strange foreign spellcasters, who blesses the weapons by shedding the blood of another.

It is not just the unpleasant social practices of the Otomo that call the young men to be concerned………….

Fifteen Years Pass
Old threads are resown, whilst new threads fray

Mako retreats from the Tribe of Seppun and embraces the Path of Water. He learns of his son’s survival and hopes for the future.

Ishida recoils in hatred and anger, self pity and hate, and travels far to the west in search of destiny and a way to heal his injured body. He vows to lift two blades again and have his enemies cut down before him.

Bang You, at a loss, seeks to find his friend Clayton, lost during the battle. He seeks meaning in his life again and questions the fate before him that was whispered into his ear by the Oracle of Earth.

Yuujin returns to the Seppun lands, intent of having Ward Otomo fulfill his oath to save his son from a magical curse, and to solve a new vexing problem that plagues his mind and soul.

Taiki commits to a path to cleanse himself of the last vestiges of the rage he had within his heart and sets to build an order of likeminded individuals who will make the world what it should be, for men and men alone.

Hatred from the Past and Forever the Future
Ramandi Unmade

With their final elemental attunement and training completed the brave adepts of the Five Elements set forth through Oblivions Gate to the next place the Ramandi will be reborn. The tribal lands of the Noriaki, relatives and enemies of the Tribe of Seppun.

Before reaching the Noriaki lands a suprising discovery about Bai Bon Wei, the Byeol, and a shrine hidden in the forest is made.

A choice is made to confront the evil of the Ramandi no matter the cost. It would be too dangerous for them to let their one chance slip by and more deaths to be caused.

Old Man Noriaki and his kin refuse the aid offered and threaten violence if any action is taken. His great granddaughter, first of the Noriaki to show a strong talent with the spirits is taken into the grasp of Tsuno Ramandi.

Options dwindle and the Ramandi comes. Death comes with him. Many die, several of the girls immediate bloodline are gone. Ramandi enacts a blood ritual which causes those present to relinquish their souls (via his soultwisting magic) to nameless beings from Jigoku. It is unknown how many of these dark spirits are unleased unto the world.

The Ramandi gambles and hopes to call forth aid, but it does not come, and the five protagonists together unleash the elements within themselves to unmake the beast.

Their victory is hollow, Old Man Noriaki bitterly denounces the heroes, their actions, and those they serve, and swears an unending war until the Seppun pay for their crimes against his people.

Something has happened to Yuujin during the battle and there is an unquiet air about him. Ishida is driven to rage and leaves all his friends behind to find himself. Bang You sullen at the deaths of so many and the loss of his friendly Elemental Spirit Clayton withdraws into himself.

Those who remain together begin to feel a strange urge to return to the Temple of Emma-O, and upon doing so find a simple message addressed to each of them in turn, something that heralds truths of the future….

The Calm Before the Storm
A unexpected engagement, and training montages...

The City of the Invisible King Sichi
A tale of Trolls and the Crucibles they love...

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