Teacher, healer, forrest whisperer


Mako Age:23
Apearance: 5’5" Long black braid, Light grey blue eyes
Siblings: Yeong(Brother), Sook(Brother), Jae(Sister)
Wife: Kika(deceased)
Children: Won-Jae 11(son), Joo-Li 10(Daughter)
Earth 3
-Stamina 3
-Willpower 4
Air 3
-Reflexes 3
-Awareness 3
Fire 3
-Agility 3
-Intelligence 3
Void 4
Water 3
-Strength 3
-Perception 3
Hiro the reborn. An eight year old Mako and a couple other children were playing in the forest when they come to a river about a meter across. Mako trying to impress Kika(his future wife.) tries to jump across but he slips on some unstable earth and falls on some sharp rocks on the river bank, as the blood trickles into the river the cut begins to glow blue and heal over. A child of a fallen star. Without saying a word Mako and follows the river downward almost as the water is leading him and his blood somewhere. Touch of the spirit realms Chikushido. A long ways down the river Mako sees a Mother Doe “Help my son is stuck.” He hears in a voice simular to his mothers. A bit farther down there is a small fawn caught under a fallen log in the river struggling to breath. Mako jumps in the river lifts the log and picks up the fawn and brings him to his mother. Both deer run off as Makos friends catch up. “Are you okay? What happened?” Kika said sounding distressed. “I just knew they needed my help.”

Disadvantages: Year 70: At 14 Mako fights in the war with Old Noriaki and his followers to defend his religion kika wants to fight too but knowing she is to soft hearted to ever kill anyone and if she did she would never forgive herself for it Mako begs her to stay home and watch the kids she reluctantly agrees. About an hour later Mako is fighting with Wie-low a childhood friend of his. Wie-low stumbles and Mako throws him to the ground and impales him with his Wind spear. Kika watches from a distance and cries because she knew how hard it was for Mako to do that. She mouths “I’m so sorry Mako.” as an arrow flies straight into her chest. The spear dissipates as Mako bolts over to her, he kneels in front of her and tells her she’s going to be okay. He cuts his hand open and hastily mutters a spell to himself. " I love you." She says in a soft tone. “I love you too.” He says tears running down his face as he rips out the arrow and places his palm on the wound. His hand emits a blinding light suddenly everything is silent and he is kneeling over her body in a white nothingness begging her to live. A large shadow looms over them and throws Mako into the distance, Mako looks up and sees a large being with a straw hat a sythe spider-like features
pick up Kika and put her over his shoulder “She’s mine now, Hiros debt will be repaid.” He hears in deep foul voice that chills his soul.“The Debt will be repaid.” and Mako passes out. Mako wakes up a week later in the temple as Aiko runs in and envelopes Mako in a loving embrace saying “My dear Mako I am so so sorry.” Since then Mako has vowed to never kill in honor of Kika. Cursed by the realms Meido, Lost love, Soft Hearted.


Mako is a kind hearted man who has devoted his life to teaching and helping others. The man he is today is majorly influenced by the death of his wife and will often shudder at her name. You will often see him bringing children into the forest and introducing the animals to them whom he seems to understand and speak with completely. The two most important things in his life are his children whom he has just recently been ok with them leaving his sight.