Pedantic Bear (or was it precocious bear...)

A Hengeyokai spirit who can take the form of a Bear or a Man.


Spirits truly don’t have one single form, and this is no different for Pedantic Bear either. More often than not he favours the form of an anthropomorphic bear. When he is truly riled he will take on the full form of a spirit bear however.

Bear, as he is commonly called since his finds Dong’s nickname for him rather patronizing, is a being of reason and formality. He can be overly obsessive about protocal and the exact use of language and often insists on instructing in it’s proper use even during polite discourse.


Bear travelled with Founder Dong in the many years that he led his wayward families through the world to find the safety promised to him by the two fallen stars.

Upon their first meeting Bear could see Dong’s spiritual seed and thought it would be rather helpful for him to journey with the star touched human in hopes of creating a better understanding between the heirarchy of spirits and the world of man.

This met with many interesting conflicts between the two, especially when Dong was advised by the less than reputable Charming Badger and Outrageous Otter. However no worthwhile task is ever and easy one, and Dong’s children were more receptive to his instruction.

It had been many years since Pedantic Bear parted ways with Founder Dong and his Children, but many decades ago he encountered a rather interesting human with the scent of Dong’s star-seed and decided he should journey with him and rejoin the Children of Dong in the hour of their need (for wayward children are often the most in need of a solid instruction in how the world works).

Pedantic Bear (or was it precocious bear...)

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