Vân's Family

Oren, Tsubasa, Taro, Haruka


Oren, Vân’s wife
*age 19, born in mid summer
*has an interest in flowers
*is annoyed when people fiddle with things
*starts to stutter when she gets anxious
*is a naive and generous person
*everyone in the tribe knew that she was pregnant when Vân left as she excitedly told everyone as soon as she knew

Tsubasa, Vân’s first daughter
*age 4, born in early spring
*likes to build things with rocks like her Dad
*has a small rock collection
*doesn’t like to see her mother upset/ flowers being pulled by Taro as she knows that upsets her

Taro, Vân’s first son
*age 2, born in late spring

  • likes to pull on things, will occasionally pull up flowers which upsets Ren, and if she begins to stutter while scolding him he’ll start to laugh further flustering his mother

Haruka, Vân’s second daughter
*age 1, born at the beginning of summer
*is only 1 year old
*typically within arms reach of Ren

Ying, Vân’s second son